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New stuff on ViolentlyBeautiful.com [Oct. 21st, 2010|03:39 pm]
RockstarVanity Photography
Winterblue 05

Just a taste of all the awesome new stuff on ViolentlyBeautiful.com. See more here...
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Bluesy Goodeness [Oct. 11th, 2010|04:44 pm]
RockstarVanity Photography
Blues in Britain Oct 2010

One of my photos of musician Dave Arcari in Blues in Britain magazine, October 2010.

For happy snaps and non-work stuff, visit Blues, Fluff and Weather at my blog...
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Sublime Rush Magazine (issue 006) is here! [Oct. 1st, 2010|07:13 pm]
RockstarVanity Photography
[Feeling this vibe |accomplishedaccomplished]

After many late nights, hundreds of emails, lots of pictures, gallons of coffee and a collection of the most creative, dedicated and completely amazing contributors...Sublime Rush Issue 005 is finally here!


This issue is packed with photographers shooting themselves, hurricanes and butterflies, ambient sounds, loving embraces, cat people, figure studies, galleries, emotive portraits, cthulhu, live music, creepshows, cassette tape notebooks, creative compulsions, beautiful maths, fat chicks, tattoos, alt community issues, rock princesses, paradoxes, adorable accessories, dark portraiture, magical muses, belly dancing, ballet dancing, zombie girls, film photography, fetish fashion, a publication on a mission, a fluffy puppy, a body at the bottom of the stairs and some lust at the top of a building. You will love it.

If you would like to help promote the new issue, to introduce amazing art to more people, you are welcome to pimp this link
 >> http://www.sublimerush.com/issue005.html << in the following ways...

- Digg it
- Reddit
- StumbleUpon it
- Like and Share it on Facebook
- Blog it
- Post it in your MySpace activity stream
- Link it on LiveJournal, deviantART and just about anywhere else you can post links!

If you're not familiar with Sublime Rush, here's the run-down. It's an independent art, culture and entertainment magazine published exclusively online every quarter, bringing amazing content to readers all over the world. You can find it at SublimeRush.com and the following places...

- SublimeRush.com
- Twitter.com/SublimeRush
- MySpace.com/SublimeRush
- Facebook.com/pages/Sublime-Rush/110544179576
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BLOG [Sep. 16th, 2010|12:05 am]
RockstarVanity Photography
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[Feeling this vibe |accomplishedaccomplished]

Like Lasers

I've always wanted to get a shot of Shai with her eyes glowing from the flash. She never poses for me - most of the photos I take of her are taken when she's sleeping - so I was really happy to get this one. She's a lovely little monster when she wants to be. You can also see this picture on deviantART and get a print here in my dA print store.

My old mobile phone didn't have a camera on it, so I still have little moments of happy when I remember that my new phone does have a camera. I'm going to attempt to put this to some sort of good use by taking photos of random things that amuse and entertain me. Like the stuff you can see here.

My happy snaps, along with lots of other stuff will be appearing at MY BLOG. I'm still going to post shoot previews here, but most of the awesome will be on MY BLOG. BLOG.

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Red hot pussy...hehe! [Sep. 3rd, 2010|07:21 pm]
RockstarVanity Photography
[Tags|, ]
[Feeling this vibe |chipperchipper]
[Listening to this |Faith No More]

My Chair Has A Cute

Demon Pussy

The top picture is Pablo, fast asleep on the chair which was supposed to be mine but which the cats have taken ownership. The bottom one was a total OMGCAMERANOW! moment cause Shai doesn't usually like to pose for photos. She was lying on the bed in the bright sunlight and the red from the sheet was reflecting in her eyes.

The kitty pics are also on deviantART. You can see Pablo here and grab a print here. Shai can be seen here and you can get a print here.

And...I'm really excited cause Teniah Twisted's Zivity debut has gone live! You can see it, along with all my other sets, here. If you aren't a signed-in Zivity member, you probably won't be able to see too much when you click on that link. To get a peek at all the awesome, email me and I'll send you an invite for a free 30 day trial at Zivity.

I probably won't be shooting much outside of work-photography for the next month because issue 5 of Sublime Rush magazine is out at the start of October and there's a lot of work to be done. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, hop over to SublimeRush.com for all the details and to subscribe to the mailing list so you get to see all the new stuff first.

In other news, the Edinburgh festival is now over so I can finally park at the studio again. Yay! Bring on winter :-)
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