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RockstarVanity Photography

[ Edinburgh, Scotland, UK ]

21 December 1980
External Services:
  • rockstarvanity@livejournal.com
About me...
I’m 29 years old and live in an old apartment in Edinburgh, Scotland with my husband, two cats and more computers than two people realistically need. I’m obsessed with shiny things, other people’s faces and anything that can hold my attention for more than five minutes. I have been taking photos since my hands were big enough to hold a camera.

Art is my passion as well as my job. When I'm not doing work-photography I like to spend hours up to my elbows in fake blood or playing with broken glass and reflective surfaces for the purpose of creating horror and conceptual photography. My days are spent on fashion, fetish and alt glamour photography and my nights are devoted to much stranger pursuits. Just the way I like it.

Find me online...
You can also find me on FaceBook, Twitter, Zivity and deviantART.

If you want something darker and more fetish-y, check out my alternative portfolio at ViolentlyBeautiful.com. I also run new independent art magazine Sublime Rush. If you want to find out more, get involved or get your own free copy, go to SublimeRush.com and register with the mailing list.